Why do we give up?

Everyone gives up for different reasons–as many as the goals we are pursuing. But whether our “defeat” (which is only obtained when we give up,) comes from roadblocks, heartache, discouragement, or lack of time, the underlying reason is always sorrow.

Sorrow feels bad and is discouraging. The sorrow can be caused by lack of results or overwhelming results. We strive for equilibrium (whether mental or physical) and when we upset that cart, we feel “wrong.” And when we run away from this feeling, we miss our true lesson.

Dwell on your sorrow. Find its source. If it is physical and you are trying to get in better health, soreness and nausea can come with it and usually means you are on the right track. If you are trying to resolve a conflict in a relationship, much hurt has to happen before the source of the conflict can be resolved.

Don’t run away from your sorrow (pain, grief, anger) because it will ultimately lead to tenderness and compassion, and even possibly, your goal.

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