What’s Next?

What happens when you do extensive research? If done properly, you have assurance of the facts and the confidence to defend them. There is security in searching to the depths that skimming the surface will never provide. Just like taking a test after much studying, your answers flow without hindrance and the questions seem easy.

In John 5:39, Jesus says to search the scriptures, for in them you will find life and also testimony of Him. As we approach the end of Proverbs, a decision must be made as to what to do next. Will you repeat Proverbs? Study Psalm 119? Read through a different book of The Bible? Or find a Bible study? It is time to decide–especially if you need to order a study guide.

Don’t stop your new habit of reading scripture everyday, but reinforce it and search the scriptures. Ask for guidance. Seek His voice. Find truth.

#AskSeekFind #MayChallenge

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