There is a Time for Everything

Yesterday I wrote about how “Nows” can fill up your day and destroy your “Most.” But can you too many “Mosts” destroy your “Now”?

Pretend you are in a make believe world and you can have whatever you want. Write down what your personal world would look like. No, really, write them down. Now look at your list. Do some collide? Do you want that big promotion, work out everyday, and eat more meals at home? Those collide: they all take time. Is it possible to do all three? Yes, but adjustments must be made. Time is limited, but stress and expectations seem to know no bounds.

I am currently studying the Book of Ecclesiastes. It is my favorite when I feel overwhelmed. It reminds me to stay in the now and enjoy what I have. It also helps me pare down my “Mosts” so I have energy left for “Now.”

This lesson was for me. I needed to see these words. On this first day of Lent, I am going to postpone one of my many “Mosts” and enjoy some peace. #AskSeekFind

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  1. Your emails are very well written. The topics, the choices, the characters etc. are produced on a professional level. The messages are God inspired. Also, God is using your creativity as inspiration for others. Keep it up! Love Donna

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