The Proverbs 27 Coach | Iron Sharpens Iron

The Proverbs 27 Coach: Iron Sharpens Iron

As much as Proverbs 26 tells us what not to be, Proverbs 27 tells us what to be and reminds me of advice from a coach. The Proverbs 27 Coach teaches life lessons for both on and off the field.

The Proverbs 27 Coach – Pre and Post Game Interview

Players need to control what they tell reporters and The Proverbs 27 Coach says, “No boasting about your perceived outcome of tomorrow’s game (v1), for it will become a burden on your playing (v3). Praise others and let them praise you (v2), for anger and jealousy will destroy the team (v4).”

The Proverbs 27 Coach – Practice Field

For team improvement, The Proverbs 27 Coach promises honest evaluations (v6) and dedication to both the team unit and the individual (vv8,9). “Lean on each other,” the coach says. “And if you have a problem, come to me first, for if we stand together, we cannot fall–regardless of the score (v10). For we are in this together (v11).”

The Proverbs 27 Coach – Pregame Speech

Now the final words before entering the field: “Don’t let the referees bother you, arguing with them is like restraining the wind and holding oil in your hands. Let it go and leave them to me (v16). We know our jobs and have honed each other into powerful weapons (v17). Your play is a direct reflection of your belief in that preparedness (v19) and nothing at all in the praise you have received (v21). You have worked hard and your reward is on that field waiting for you to take it (v18).”

The Coach’s Reflection

The team runs out of the locker room and The Proverbs 27 Coach takes time to gather his thoughts. He reminds himself to be aware of weaknesses in the opposing team as well as his own (v23). He charges himself to take care of his players, for their time with him will pass and their future is a direct reflection of his (vv24-27).

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