Proverbs 8: Listen In Order To Hear

Driven Publishing LogoHearing wisdom is not the same as listening to it. Listening conjures up images of understanding and obeying, while hearing simply means the words have caused your ear drums to vibrate. But don’t discount hearing; it is the first step in following The Lord.

It is easy to becomeĀ wrapped up in our own little worlds. Work, hobbies, and baseball games distract us and when we feel comfortable enough with them, we forget to consult God and ask for His Wisdom.

Up to this chapter, the commands are to accept, remember, listen, pay attention, and keep God’s wisdom in your mind, act on them with your body, and accept them in your heart. Proverbs 8 tells us why. Wisdom existed long before we did and will exist long after we are gone. Wisdom was the first of God’s works and if we ask, he gives us the ability to hear it.

Solomon’s Prayer: To Hear God’s Truth

In 1 Kings 3:11-12, God responds to Solomon’s prayer for wisdom with a blessing: the ability to hear truth (translated as “discern) while administering justice. God granted Solomon the ability to hear Him and not rely on Solomon’s own human understanding. The same Hebrew word (shama’ – H8085) is used four times in chapter 8. Today’s chapter is telling us to listen harder.

Above All: Listen

Listen through the noise of busyness, chaos, hurt, and pain. Listen through the peace of love, happiness, and contentment. Listen.

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