Proverbs 6: Every Movie Plot

Driven Publishing LogoAs I read Proverbs 6, I have visions of every movie plot, every story line, and every soap opera. The pitfalls are classic and when we are watching or reading, the mistakes are obvious and we yell at the characters wanting them to stop and mend their ways or open their eyes to the villain who is manipulating them.

Poldark and Outlander

It seems every time I visit my daughter, she introduces me to an addictive show or musical. Among them include: Parenthood, Grace and Frankie, Glee, Downton Abbey, Hamilton. The most recent is Poldark. I am currently on episode 6 and I look forward to watching more tonight. The problem is I only started watching it two days ago. (I, however, have the last laugh; I introduced her to Outlander.)

I cannot help as I watch Poldark, to think to myself: One cousin read Proverbs and the other didn’t; Francis is lazy and is prey to scoundrels while Ross is hard working and sees through people.

Proverbs Makes Heros

So, if you want to be the hero of your story, listen to, accept, and follow the guidance of Proverbs 6 (and all the others) and be the role model for all of those who do not.

Happy Ending: My Favorite Plot

I hope Francis reads Proverbs 6 to open his eyes, and with Ross’s example, also becomes a hero and finds his happy ending. Because, according to Proverbs 6, it is not too late.

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