Proverbs 30: Need to Know Basis

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Proverbs 30: Need to Know Basis

I will never get to the point where I have all the answers–as much as I would like to–and Proverbs 30 reminds me of such. God does not promise to teach me everything I want to know, but rather everything I need to know–just like He provides for my physical needs and not all of my wants, because if I had everything I ever wanted, my life would be a mess.

Proverbs 30: Vision for the Blind

Like a vision impaired person who needs a cane or a dog, I need God for guidance because I am blind compared to Him…and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Proverbs 30: I Know Nothing!

Like in Job 38, I was not there when God laid down the foundations of the earth. I cannot hold the wind in my hand. I cannot shut up the sea behind doors. Nor have I gone up to heaven.

Proverbs 30: Need to Know Basis

But I can trust that every word of God is flawless, the Spirit helps us in our weakness, and Jesus is my Redeemer. That, my friend, is what we need to know and base our lives on. Keep reading and discovering. Keep relying. And be assured.

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