Proverbs 11: One Mind Set On Faith

Some mornings as I read, ideas swirl in my head like a spinning ride at a carnival and not until I do research are the ideas whittled down to but a few. This morning, however, few ideas came and after research, I have but one. Interestingly enough, the idea is about having one mind anchored by faith.

Mind Set On Faith

According to verse 3, it is integrity that guides. The Hebrew word is tummah (H-8538) and occurs five times in the Old Testament: once here and the other four in Job, where he states he will not falter due to his circumstances. This is more than honesty. This is true, unwavering faith.

When you stubbornly hold fast to your faith, you have but one mind–that of following ‘elohiym; worldly treasures mean nothing and neither does power. If your faith lies in your immediate surroundings (money, status, and control) you have nothing when you leave this earth; it all stays here.

Faithful, Focused Eyes

Proverbs 11 isn’t about keeping your mind off evil, but rather, about having you mind set on God and His Wisdom and glory. If you keep your eyes fixed on The Light, you won’t be looking around trembling from what lurks in the shadows. You will also proceed with conviction and procrastination fades away.

Inactivity, indifference, or the inability to make up one’s mind destroys as much as evil intentions. Never delay God’s will for your life. Proceed with not just One Mind, but also with One Heart and your determination and confidence will grow exponentially.

The reverse is also true, if you know you are NOT following God’s will: ┬áSTOP and FIND God’s will before you proceed further.

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