Proverbs 1: Never Stop Learning!

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Anyone who knows me knows I love sports. The lessons learned while participating in sports carry over into life; you cannot cram or fake it in sports. Success on the field takes discipline and patience, but also a deep desire to learn more and to be better. Though obvious in sports, it is true in life and Proverbs 1 is your call to Never Stop Learning.

Proverbs 1 Warning

You will never know all there is to know about a sport. Skills will continually need to be developed, nutrition is on ongoing experiment, and equipment always has room for improvement. Through sports we will see great feats of athleticism and courage, but also elation and heartache. We will see athletes overcome hardship and also squander opportunity…just like life.

Proverbs 1 is the warning that life is not about luck or current circumstances. It is about choices. Read Proverbs with a heart for change. Proverbs is not a book of confirmation, but rather for growth, inspiration, correction, and insight. It should be read with new eyes and the understanding that you will never learn all the lessons it contains.

One Step at a Time

Learn one lesson at a time. Gain one insight. Take one step closer to Wisdom and have the courage and discipline to adhere to her teaching. Accept where you are with the understanding that you have something profound to strive for…something that takes time to achieve. And just like sports, something to gain and eventually, something to win.

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