Cinderella at Heart?

What does it mean to be Cinderella at Heart?

When we think of the typical Cinderella of so many movies, would we want her beginning? Could we endure? Or do we only want her ending?

Everyone loves a good “Cinderella Story” in sports, but who likes being the underdog? I suppose it is easy being a Patriots fan, but for those of us who are not, we love to see a Cinderella rise.

So what is it about Cinderella? She never gave up. She had fortitude. She never stopped believing. She also had help and accepted it.  #AskSeekFind

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My goal

My goal for this blog is not for you to learn more about me, but rather that you learn more about yourself. Maybe my words will spark a desire for you to change or, possibly, encourage you to accept who you are. #CinderellaatHeart

I hope you will join me in discovering and accepting who we are.

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