Now What?

Earlier, in Proverbs 4, the words seemed geared toward a student going off to college and now, in Proverbs 23, we get the advice for the graduate. As most of us know, when released into the world of work, bills, and so called, freedom, we are entering a new world and the newfound freedom holds new temptations, distractions, and goals.

Up to this age, we have set our minds on pleasing our parents, but there comes a time when we start trying to please ourselves. Though I have never stopped wanting to please my mother, I make decisions based on my life and my circumstances and, I must admit, not all of them have been good ones. But I have been blessed with learning and, though some of the lessons were painful, I have come out of them a more understanding and, ideally, sympathetic person.

But some choices are not future lessons, but life destroyers. When you base your life on pursuing the seven deadly sins (gluttony, pride, lust, envy, wrath, laziness, and greed,) unless you break that cycle, you and everyone who loves will will share your grief. Understand, though we think our choices are our own, they affect all who care about us. Choose wisely.

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