Location. Location. Location.

We have all heard the real estate rule of location, location, location. You can change everything about a house except the placement of its lot. The same rule applies to your spiritual house. Where is your spiritual house?

We know the importance of the foundation for soundness of structure, but where you build it is what really matters. If you build a house at the corner of Prestige and Wealth, where it is easy to see the rewards and comprehend the earthly blessings, you have built your house in the wrong location. Better to start a wee house smack dab in the middle of God’s Way, where you study and question, read and listen, learn and understand, in order to know where you should place your foundation.

Once you have your foundation and it is strong and solid, because it is built on the Holy Trinity of God, continue to trust His word, both promises and commandments. Only then are you ready to build the structure using the wisdom God granted you at your bidding.

Once completed, maintain your structure by accepting the house rules and continually making repairs and cleaning it and just like a house, clutter needs to be removed and walls need to be painted; the beliefs that start our journey of following Christ need to find deeper meaning and understanding. I have found that the more I learn about God, the less I know and if you own a house, you understand this analogy: there is always something to fix or do within its walls and The Bible is the handyman’s guide.

Now it is time to fill the house. Some people stop at the maintenance of the house, but filling it with treasures is where the glory of following The Lord comes. Quotes of inspiration etched on the walls. Photos of loved ones lining the staircase. Answered prayers covering your chairs. Feeling the warmth of Jesus’ love under a blanket of faithfulness and commitment. These treasures take nurturing time and often a professional to help with the design. That help can be found at a church with the proper location, firm foundation, and proof of lovely treasures.

If you do not belong to a church, you are missing out of a treasure trove of life. Your church, found through seeking and much prayer, will change your house and its members will not only help you build your sanctuary, but will also give you the joy of helping others build theirs.

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