You Have Our Attention, Now Let’s Win This!

Driven Publishing LogoI am not writing to argue the validity of the oppression of the black man–that is like two people being on different roads arguing over what each other sees. Nor am I arguing why the NFL suddenly, when their history proves the contrary, allows personal expression on the playing field. I am, however, arguing when has anything improved when hatred and disrespect is encouraged. Now is the time to switch our focus and win this.

Teach Me!

We know historically that any crusade based on hatred only leads to death and destruction. If the argument is to draw attention to the oppression, then teach me the oppression.

One of the biggest lessons in writing is not writing what you want to say, but rather what the reader needs to hear. Educate me on the injustice and prove to me you are willing to help solve it. Get off your knee and show me there is hope to create change. Trust me, I WANT CHANGE!!!

Solution or Problem?

One of my favorite questions I ask my children is: Do you want to be part of the problem, or part of the solution? So I ask that question to all who kneel and to those who oppose them.

Play To Win!

If this is merely the first step, than hats off to bringing this issue to the forefront. But it is time to show hope of unity and not encourage more disparity. It is time to start solving this daunting problem with compassion and courage.

Let us all get off our knees and stop spreading hatred and disrespect. We need to create solutions based on a mutual goal, because on some level, we are all on the same team. We may not play on the same side of the ball and we certainly do not all play the same position, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to win. Let’s Win This!

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