Broken Trust

Trust is the foundation of all relationships and when it is broken, it is difficult to recover. But what does it mean to trust? Everyone messes up. Everyone fails. Can we trust anyone?

Trust is a heart issue. We trust someone who has our best interest “at heart.” But what if there is a disagreement on our “best interest.”

Often it is difficult to know what is best for us. The rebuke of a parent is difficult to hear, but we trust it is spoken out of love. Do we give the same credence to others? Do we have the same assurance of their motive? That takes years to establish, but in order to establish it, truths need to be said. If flowery words are the basis for relationships, trust is not necessary. Trust happens when you go beyond comfort. When you speak in order to build not be admired.

Unfortunately, years of trust can be broke in an instant. Why? One poor choice can destroy a relationship. Should it? We are human and we fail. Can we look in another’s heart? Can we know their motives? No, we can only see their actions, hear their words. Do they build or tear down?

Be aware of your words and actions even more than those around you. Do they build up trust? #AskSeekFind

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